"To us, Purple Dot is a small piece of a greater puzzle: the Seattle International District's Chinatown community. Our community is made of many small businesses who have been here for generations after generations; it is made up of the individuals and the families that have made the ID a part of their daily lives, and it is made up of the unwavering support and sense of community that we have been given, even before Covid-19 began. During this time of hardship, while many of us are battling with the decision of whether or not we can pay the bills next month, we have each other, in this community, to rely on. We thank each and every one of you for your support, and even more so now. We are truly grateful and humbled by the ID's community in allowing us to keep our doors open each and everyday. Again, thank you."

- Carol Xie

Purple Dot Cafe first opened in the early 2000's, but has been in operation under Jason Xie and his daughter Carol Xie since September 2013. The main priority for Jason that year was to provide a place of employment for his sisters and their families, who had just immigrated from China that previous spring. Since Purple Dot was a well-established restaurant during that time, there were already regular customers, who would soon become friends of Jason, welcoming him into the International District.

Dim Sum Cart Stickers


Exclusive 2'' x 2'' Purple Dot Cafe dim sum stickers designed by @yooncollective

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